Before starting a blog one must choose a topic that is interesting to the reader and the blog platform to be used. A topic that is well-written, informative and easy to read and maintain will have a large number of loyal readers, who will be happy to return for more content. It is also important to make sure that the blog platform chosen can easily be integrated with existing systems and CMS such as WordPress. This will allow for easy publishing of content from multiple blogs under one system.

The next step in starting a blog is choosing the content to be published on the blog. The content should be original and at least two people involved in the decision making process should have input into it. This allows for lively debate and ideas being expressed that might not otherwise been expressed. Another thing that must be carefully planned is the tone of the blog. A blog does not have to be completely serious, it can be a fun experience filled with interesting facts and stories, but must be written in a casual manner and the language should be easy to understand.

Once the content is written and the blog has been launched on the internet it must be monitored for any mistakes. By regularly checking the blog, mistakes can be caught before they become too large to deal with, thus saving time and money. One of the most difficult things to do before starting a blog is knowing exactly how much to include. This is where the money comes in as creating a blog can be very costly, with monthly hosting costs adding up to around $100. If the blog receives any traffic it will continue to increase in size as more people find out about it and begin to publish content on their blogs.